Album Review: INFINITE – “Reality”

After having a break for about a year and half, Infinite is back with their newest album named “Reality”. Infinite released their 5th mini album “Reality” on 13th July 2015. This album came in two versions i.e. normal and limited editions. Infinite tried to present something new and unique to their fans with this album.




The album starts off with the symphonic intro. “Betting” is a dance track and mostly consists of the composition. This is also the intro for the title track (Bad) of this album. The phrase “Betting on You” is really catchy in this song. I personally, loved this intro. It has a reverie effect to it.


  • BAD

“Bad” is the title track of “Reality” and it is the most powerful track in this album. Infinite tried to experiment with EDM this time for this song and it turned out pretty well. Everything in this song is on point either it is the lyrics, composition or music video. This is one of my favorite kpop song of this summer.

This song is about falling for the wrong girl. Falling so deeply in love that there is no going back. Woohyun‘s high notes totally nailed this song. “Bad” is an enchanting song, which would get stuck in your head and echo in your ears.

“Betting on you
I’m betting on you
Betting on you
I can’t just let you go like this

Bad Bad Bad Bet a bad bad girl”

This song also has a new tongue twister (BAD BAD BAD BET A BAD BAD GIRL)!

The intense music video teaser :  (this teaser got more than 1M views)




This is the 3rd song in this album. It has a tempo effect to it. As I have stated earlier that Infinite tried to experiment with new stuff and present unique content with this new album. This song even amazed their fandom (INSPIRITS) that Dongwoo sung the high notes in it.

Moonlight expresses the realization of being lovestruck. It gives me anime vibes, like an anime character is lovestruck under moonlight.

“Like the bright moonlight
Smile for me, that’s all I need
Like the sky light, like the moonlight
On a moonlit night
So I can reach you”




I  love how meaningful this song is. The lyrics are so encouraging and everyone can relate to it. This song is about self-realization and then, not giving up on your dreams. “Walk To Remember” gives a feeling of relaxation to calm down your nerves and not to be afraid.

“I still lack so much
I don’t even know myself yet
If I give up like that, I really can’t be confident

Will it come back to me, the more I look for it?
The faded images of myself
As if my footsteps remember time
I’m walking on my own path”




I like this song. It has a rhythm in it. “Between You & Me” is a powerful ballad song. It is a breakup  song and has gloomy effect to it. It is one of those songs which makes you feel like autumn season. The lyrics portray that breaking up is easy, but it is hard to let go.

We’re standing here
Facing each other sadly
It’s quiet as if everything stopped
Only the cold wind wraps around us

I don’t wanna let you go like this
But I need to decide now
For you, for me



This song is softly paced ballad expressing the earnest emotions. This song is about pouring down the feelings in a letter while being lovesick and asking for acceptance of love.

“There are so many love songs like this
But why do I keep singing them?
You don’t understand
You don’t love me
I have fallen for you at some point”



It is the last song in the album. It has funky effect to it. This song is about being in the one-sided relationship. It expresses the emotions of being in an unbearable state that it should come to an end now.  It a sentimental  song, portrays annoyance for being a fool and a one-sided lover.

“You clearly seemed like you were mine yesterday
But why are you so cold today?
No way, I know this but I fall for it anyway
I can’t stop, please take care of the ending
I’m asking for a happy ending
Like the movie I watched yesterday”


Overall. “REALITY” is like a stages of being in love and its after effects. INFINITE went for different genre with their each song and truly lived up to their reputation for producing unique and meaningful music. Indeed, every member improved their individual abilities and did their  best for “Reality”.

My Rating: 8.5/10


ENJOY, the album preview:


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