Let Me Be Fictional is a book blog about Young Adult and Middle Grade genres. You would find reviews and rants about books. I also take part in virtual book tours and cover reveals. Giveaways are also hosted on this blog because everyone loves to get free books and swags. So, like, follow and subscribe to stay updated. Get ready for the journey towards the impossible – Together we’re going to become fictional.

I also review my favorite anime, tv shows and movies on this blog.


Behind the Blog

     Hi, My name is Sana and I’m 20 y/o. Just a girl who loves to read and prefers to hide her face behind the books. I think that reading takes you into another world of imagination which is open to all the possibilities. I like traveling and enjoying the different scenarios of the nature. I would like to have a tour around the world. In my leisure time, I read or watch a movie or sketch/draw something. I am a huge art and nature lover. I like the smell of soil when it rains.

       I think a lot, thoughts haunt my brain all the time. My perspective of things is a little different from others. Being a solitude person could be the reason, right! :\

Sometimes, I don’t like cats.(A cat once destroyed my precious childhood toy) I think, cats are really nasty, chaotic and moody.  I would call them trouble makers. I have a dog(she) and it is so cute and innocent. *my sweetheart*

      I often write poetry. I do write lyrics inspired from the novel characters or their circumstances in the novel. I often sketch my fave characters or create some fan art. I love collecting unique things like jewelry, interior stuff, pens, sharpeners, erasers and much more. 😀

      I’m a geek and nerd + a huge fangirl. From cars to gadgets and books to movies, music etc. I do love fashion, but I’m not a hipster or crazy enough to follow every trend.

    I like experimenting new looks. So, not a typical nerd/geek girl.

One more important thing, I love hardcover books. If  you would like to buy a gift for me, it should better be a book in a hardcover format. 😀

I love collecting signed copies of books and if they are in hardcover format that is like a treat. Hardcover format gives a vintage feel to a reading experience.


Things I Like

  • Ice-creams + Chocolates + Coffee + Skittles *what a combination*
  • Fave Colors: Black,White & All shades of Blue
  • Peace, Solitude, Nature
  • Interest: Painting, Sketching, Drawing, Fashion/Interior Designing, Graphic Designing, Photography, Writing and Music composition.
  • Arabic, Martial Arts *desperately want to learn both*
  • Subjects: Arts, Psychology and Literature
  • Cars, Bicycles & Violin
  • Traveling, Reading & loads of other stuff which is hard for me to remember/mention
  • I have a new craze of learning different languages.

Note: I use too many emoticons so, pardon me ! 😛


Feel free to say hi or roam around this blog. I won’t mind!
I love knowing intellectual(bookish) people 🙂


Kindly, visit contact page for book requests. (don’t comment here)

This page is only for introductions.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is such an incredible about me! I love learning about fellow book lovers. I loved the end of your post which said you love both signed editions and hardbacks. This is so perfect! You are literally my soul sister, hardbacks are the best and you are so right! They give a vintage feel to a book, that is why I could never use an e book. Great post and your blog is beyond beautiful. Seriously I am in awe at how stunning it is

    Liked by 1 person

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